Patient screening:

Before face to face appointments are made patients are to be screened telephonically. The patient is to be made aware of the current risks and the need to be aware of any new signs or symptoms of Covid-19 on the day of their appointment. They need to be asked about international travel in the last 2 weeks as well as if known, any contact with individuals with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19. If they develop any symptoms they will need to contact the clinic and cancel their appointment. There will be NO charge for the cancellation. If patient screening reveals risk factors, Physiotherapy services must be deferred until signs and symptoms have resolved, after 2 weeks of self isolating.

Hand washing:

Physiotherapists and admin staff are expected to practice routine hand hygiene consistent with the WHO’s guidelines on hand washing. Physiotherapists are encouraged to avoid touching their face.

Face masks/covering:

Masks are to be worn by all members of staff and patients if 2 metre social distancing is not possible. Masks, uniforms and clothing are to be washed daily at the hottest temperature suitable for the fabric.

Documentation of whether the patient is/is not wearing a mask should be done.

Social distancing:

The redesign of the clinic should ensure safe social distancing is in place. The waiting room/area will not be in use until further notice/review. Patients are to remain outside in the corridor and wait to be called in for their appointment by the physiotherapist. Adequate time spacing between appointments in order to clean and disinfect equipment, door handles, plinth and hand washing. Appropriate clear markings in the waiting area to ensure safe distancing and minimal contact with masked admin staff. Payments should be made by card rather than cash, where possible. The card machine should be disinfected after every transaction. Only the named patient should attend their appointment – relatives, children etc are not permitted to attend unless deemed necessary. Under 16 year old patients must attend with their parent/guardian.


Consent is given normally as per practice policy.