“A friend recommended Sally at Total Physiotherapy as I was having a lot of neck and shoulder pain. I was delighted with my first visit when Sally put me completely at ease with her gentle manner. It’s never easy getting partially undressed in front of someone when you’re a slightly larger person and I felt completely comfortable with Sally. She identified the problem and suggested exercises to do at home as well as seeing her regularly initially to get on top of the problem. I now do a maintenance appointment every four weeks or so to keep everything as it should be. I am finally pain free for the first time in 18 months. Everyone at Total Physiotherapy is very professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

“You are a complete professional in every way - your manner, knowledge and treatment are excellent and I would recommend you to anybody.“

“Troy is an enthusiastic and passionate physiotherapist with specialist expertise in the management of shoulder and upper limb injuries. I have worked with her for a number of years and she has produced consistently outstanding results. I have every confidence in her and I know that my patients are being looked after by the very best.”

“Following a swimming injury, Troy has helped me immensely and I am now undergoing regular physio treatment so that I can return to full fitness. I know that Troy has also helped a number of our other swimmers. Troy has been a tremendous help to me and somebody I trust implicitly.“

“Troy’s style as a practitioner is very down to earth. Diagnosis is rapid and focused and treatment very targeted. Troy encourages her patients to learn techniques and exercises to help themselves and this means that you work together to improve and it is empowering to be able take a certain responsibility for your own well being.”

“Thank you for all your care, kindness and help over the last 10 months. Between ankles, feet, stress fractures and aches, we have kept you busy - and you have kept us moving! Your advice and support have been wonderful.“

“Thank you for my treatment for a frozen shoulder. Your healing hands helped hugely - and your kind words. The sports massages definitely helped in the healing process.“

“I have a long standing neck and back issue. I have been to various physio’s throughout the world for treatment. Troy is by far the best I have been to; she addresses the causes of my pain, not just the symptoms. Her hands-on approach, techniques and general skills are superb. Troy is professional, friendly and approachable. Highly recommended!”

“A huge thanks for patching us up to the best shape to get us around the course!“